The Only Supply Chain to
Small Business

If yours is a small scale or medium scale business, Anforlin is just the supply chain help solution you need. Our dedicated team helps establish you with the standards of the market. We acknowledge the fact that the pariahs of the market can be lethal for your business.

The supply chain for materials is uniquely fitted to supply products within an affordable range and timely basis. We keep you updated with the hottest product in demand. We have large warehouses to store the products per need. Anforlin is ready to ship products in stock whenever need be.

Small Eyelash Business

Ethically Sourced Materials

Whether you need eyelashes with premium quality mink fur or a synthetic superlight fiber lash, Anforlin has it all covered no matter what the range. We understand that the material and quality of lashes can vary according to the region and customer demand.

Anforlin believes in the versatility of its product rather than being inbound. However, we do not compromise on the quality of our product. The products are sold out at wholesale prices, with shipping being fitted in an affordable range. The material we use is worked upon both hands and technology, so there is no compromise on quality.

One-Stop Sources

Your packaging box needs to be fitted with one of the best decorations, with the foam, ribbons, glitter, and quotes. These are the esthetic qualities that attract most customers. Anforlin understands the need for such decorations and provides you with the one-stop solution to all your needs.

There are certain lash accessories that you might need to complement or complete the set of lashes. Anforlin offers these as well as being the supplier of top-notch quality products with a low shipping cost. Anforlin provides solutions to all eyelash related problems; the products are of good quality and esthetics.

Eyelashes Research & Development

Research and Development

Anforlin works with a research and development team that specializes in analyzing data from the market. They make sure that the products produced are top-tier as compared to different brands in the market. The research and development team works with our consumers to determine the hottest selling product in the market.

The team also specializes in finding out the product in high demand. They can then help you manufacture this new product on the market, so your competition is significantly reduced. The research and development team works closely with consumers to be well aware of the suggestions they make.