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Your Strip Lash Knowledge Base

1. What are strip eyelashes?

Strip eyelashes are the most popular type of false eyelashes these days in fashion, giving your eyes a natural to impressively enhanced look. It comes in a horizontal line of lashes curved and fits on the eye lash’s upper lid.

You can find various styles in false lashes from natural-looking to voluminous, glamorous eyelashes with different pricing and quality. High-quality strip lashes can last longer and definitely give you a naturally beatified eye-catching look.

2. Types of strip eyelashes that help you win the market:

Flared Lashes

The term flared refers to the shape of lashes. These flared style lashes consist of long-length fibers on the outer ends and short length fibers on the inner corner. They are most commonly used by makeup artists and also known as ‘cat eyelashes.’ They are elongated to increase lash fullness and fill up the sparse areas of the eyelashes. This style of flared lashes come in different length, and its benefit is that the person using them have much more control on the end result by changing the length and volume according to the requirement.

Rounded Lashes

The term ‘rounded lashes’ is also used for the shape of lashes. These lashes are strip lashes that are consistently round in style, consists of fibers that are round in shape throughout the lash. These lashes are more suitable for smaller eyes as they provide an enhanced eye look making them more awaked. These round eyelashes give a flawless doe-eyed look to the makeup and appear to have a more open appearance suitable for all occasions. They flutter the eyes well and glam up with all kinds of faces.

Voluminous Lashes

Voluminous lashes define the fullness, and there are large volumes available in these lashes, including natural, glamorous, soft glam, and dramatic. Less voluminous eyelashes provide a perfectly natural look for everyday makeup. The dramatic volume can give an enhanced, and heavy eye makeup look while glamorous and soft glam is between the two of them. These days’ voluminous lashes are used readily in salons by artists and individuals for everyday styling. Volume eventually adds texture and dimensions to the lashes and hence the style. As the style change periodically with the change in the volume of lashes.


Stacking is the term used to combine a pair of eyelashes into one or customize/gluing the individual lashes over one another. Making a unique pair of lashes by combining different styles of lashes over one another. There is a variety of stackable lash packaging available, including a range of styles. Mostly stacking is done to make a desirable lash, using two or more favorite styles together. It is not at all problematic. However, it’s easier than applying a single lash on the eye. Moreover, stacking is also done to increase the volume of the lashes according to the desire. Mixing and matching the eyelashes is fun and can provide a wonderfully natural and classic look to the eyes.

3D Lashes

The lash style in which the lashes consisting of three layers are known as 3D lashes. That shows it has a significant volume. The 3D lashes are specially designed to add up a length, volume, and depth to your lashes. Multi-layering is done for the beautiful 3D effect. These various layers held together in 3D lashes are held together with the backlash band that turns to be adding an eyeliner effect- making the eyes extra bold for a heavy makeup look. They are suitable for all the eye-shapes as they give an impressive look to the eyes.

Faux Mink Lashes

Faux mink lashes are a premium type of synthetic lashes that mimic real mink lashes’ quality and fitness. This material is super lightweight, soft, and fluffy at the same time, being very comfy. Faux mink lashes are vegan friendly and are made from soft plastic fibers that give them a natural look. They come in a comfortable fit that makes the lashes look your own with a striking look. However, mink eyelashes are highly in demand and trending in the fashion and makeup industry. So, these lashes are 100% synthetic. They are suitable for all eyes providing a great comfort level.


The term crisscross describes the direction of fibers used in these false lashes. The fibers on them lay on the top of another in an X direction- altering one another’s direction. Crisscross eyelash makes use of a trick to make the eyes look bigger and more alive. They provide density, while at the same time giving exceptional separation at the tips. This lashes style would be suitable for flat eyes without much curvature on the lid (like Korean or Japanese eyes), and it would easily adhere to that eye-shape, making them look striking and enhanced.


Small sections of lashes combined or glue together are known to be clusters comprising a thick base. They are customizable according to the need for length and volume of the lashes. For a sober but natural look, these cluster lashes are more reasonable than the strip eyelashes. Clusters are knot-free or knotted, and they blend effortlessly with the natural eyelashes. They are easily applicable and provide a better fill with excellent results. They are also used as extension purposes. These cluster lashes must be used depending upon the eye shape because they sometimes cover the whole eye.

Dramatic Lashes

Dramatic lash is a style of lashes that describes the volume. These are the lashes consisting of most volume. These thick, dense, and full of volume eyelashes provide the utmost charming look to the eyes and can transform your eyes to an amplified glamorous beauty. These lashes comprise multiple short and long layers that offer more volume to the eyes, and therefore, the eyes look enhanced. These lashes are suitable to some eye depending upon the eye’s shape as for the small eye. It would cover almost the whole lid. For completing the full glam look, dramatic eyelashes would be a great choice.

Natural Lashes

Another term referring to the volume of eyelash style is natural lashes. It’s one with the lightest volume of eyelashes that could be perfect for everyday use. These lashes come with a thin layer of lash fibers on the base. For styling that looks natural but striking simultaneously, these types of eyelashes are mostly used. It adds up a little bit of a volume feeling the same like your own lashes. These lashes go with all the styles and eye shapes. Natural lashes are available in huge variety depending upon the shape and size of the lashes.

Glamorous Lashes

Glamorous lashes describe the volume of the lashes that can be styled between a natural and a dramatic look. These lashes have a denser middle part that is most focused, giving a doll-like effect to the eyes. These lashes would be suitable for weddings, date nights, prom events, or mostly evening parties. Glamorous lashes combine a V-formation impact that makes your eyes look bold and beautiful. It looks striking in these events and would make your look unforgettable. Glamorous lashes can be combined with other styles to make an intensified style according to the desired end result.

Soft Glam Lashes

Soft glam refers to the volume of the lashes that give a romantic look to the eyes. These eyelashes are somehow a little enhanced version of natural eyelashes but a little less than glamorous lashes, but still focus on the dense center. They give a little boost to the natural lashes as they consist of a few fiber layering focus at the middle portion. Soft glam lashes could be used by any type of eye shape fit for everyday wear. They are available in different lengths, depending upon your eyes. They can be combined with other lash styles to produce even more intensified texture and appearance.

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