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Thick, glamorous eyelashes are one of the main focuses when it comes to makeup. It gives the face an enhanced and more beautified outlook. Our company co-operates on the terms of synthetic materials.

Our faux mink eyelashes make use of premium quality material. We acquire the best by working with hand and technology both. The best part about our faux mink lashes is their customizable adaptability. These are easy to wear and provide a natural glam. So, browse our fantastic products below to select the faux mink eyelashes to order with best wholesale price.

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Having been selling well in environmental-concious markets, they are very popular synthetic eyelashes categories.

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100% Vegan Faux Mink Eyelashes

We completely understand your pursuit and value to do no harm to animals and save the environment when you are looking for cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly lashes. Therefore, Anforlin attaches great importance to research and develop its particular faux mink lashes product lines, in order to meet your demands on such categories.

You could find here synthetic PBT false lashes of great popularity, and at the same time the revolutionary plant fiber faux mink lashes made samples to big brands. Both have included all styles from natural to dramatic ones.

Private Label & Custom Lash Boxes

After your choice of ideal faux mink eyelashes, you will start to think about what packaging ways to utilize to both pack your lashes decently and present your brand with unforgettable impressions. We have so many practical advices for you to figure out what your best choice will be. Rest assured and see what services you are going to get:

  • Box/Case Style: Flip top box, drawer box, magnetic box, diamond box, special-shaped box…
  • Box/Case Material: Plastic box, acrylic box, card paper box, glitter paper box…
  • Logo Design: Free design until your satisfaction
  • Text/Pattern Craft: 3D printing, UV printing, hot foil stamping, holographic sticker…for logo, slogan, name tag…all info…
Custom Lash Packaging
Do you like us believe that animal cruelty in makeup products is extremely gruesome? If yes, then you are at the perfect spot-quite literally! At Anforlin, we make use of synthetic material for its perfectly comfortable use. The fibres are soft, along with being thick and long. The lashes we build are soft and adhere easily.

We believe in customizing the lashes accordingly with our customer's demand. You can wear these faux mink lashes for up to 25 times! Our timeless delivery and MOQ=50 (lowest in the market) are two of the benefits that are worth the other sellers. Opt for our best items and order fast.