Wholesale YY Shape Eyelash Extension

YY Shape eyelash is the new favorite of the fall eyelash style, suitable for their own eyelash few, there is a vacancy, but also like the grafting effect of thick guests. This eyelash by very fine 4 eyelashes for a group, the root together, hair tip fork. Adopt one to one grafting, grafting root clear, orderly arrangement. The unique Y-shaped design makes up for the gap before the guests’ real eyelashes, and the cross is clearly visible, and can be combed through without tying knots. At the same time greatly shorten the grafting time.

The YY lashes (2D) help you narrow the gap between classics and volume eyelash extensions . You can apply in the same way as classics, and these lashes will create a fuller, softer and fluffier effect. With a medium stem, these lashes take enough adhesive to offer great retention on your final lash set.

100% Handmade,Stable Curl & Not Easily Deformed. – Through professional physical high temperature technology, the curvature can maintain better and will not loose curl

Easy to Use: Foil backing paper, you can easily remove the tape, It will not leave some paper scraps on the lash extension pad. – Less tacky strip to remove lashes with ease. – No residual, no stick, no kink.