Wholesale Pre-made Volume Lash Fans

Premade Volume lash extension is readymade extension arranged on the sticker for quick and easy application, just ready to be dipped and placed on clients lash. They are so popular these days and are widely used in salons, models, artists, Etc. They have so many benefits.

We give you a large variety of styles in these premade volume eyelash extensions with customized lengths, packaging and lash logos. Contact us immediately to get them and grow your business instantly with our super-fast shipping.

Premade Volume Fans Eyelash Extensions Effect
Flower like shape
  • It is in the shape of a flower, the root is flattened and the area is large.

Easy to operate
  • Grafting time, low cost, grafting intersect each other, showing the velvet dense effect.
A variety of styles
  • The curvature is optional.Eyelashes are thick and curly

Why choose us?

Anforlin is a china based eyelashes company that specializes in the manufacturing of strip eyelasheseyelash extensions, and eyelash tools & accessories. We are a well-developed firm with a self-owned lash factory with 200 employees. Here, we aim to provide high-quality lashes with a variety of lash styles and accessories in fashion.

  We have been engaged in the manufacture and sale of eyelashes for about fifteen years. Now there are five factories scattered across China. We have rich experience in foreign trade industry. And we have our own stores on many platforms, such as Alibaba, Amazon and so on. The store praise rate is as high as 95%.