Anforlin Easy Fan Volume Lash Extensions

Wholesale Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions

Also called self fanning, self flowering, or easy blooming lash extensions, easy fan volume lash extensions are popular to create hybrid, Russian volume, mega volume, or more dramatic eye looks with excellent fullness. Easy fanning lashes are as the name implies that they are super easy to create lash fans with the lash amount a lash technician desires on each fan.

Anforlin’s easy fan eyelash extensions are crafted with high quality to enhance lash stylists’ lashing techniques and ease their job to make fans. Our reliable easy fan volume lashes can get easily fanned out in only one second. Contact us now!

Easy Fan Volume Lash Extensions Effect

Easy Fan Lash Extensions

This eyelash Extensions can make fan in 1 second,whether you are a beginner or a experienced technician,can make fan better and faster.just pick it up gently with tweezers, the eyelashes will self fanning in a few seconds, easily create 2d-10d or even more Russian volume lashes, saving you a lot of time.

SPECIAL ROOT TREATMENT:We use right amount of glue in the root of the volume lash extensions,select the desired number of eyelashes and remove from the strip,it will automatically bloom and steady fan. The root has been specially treated, there will be no excessive and residual glue at roots.

  • Easy fan lashes are nicely spread on the strip, which helps to make lash fans faster and not clumped up.This makes it much easier for beginner lash artists to pick up the lashes, and they will fan out on their own, like magic.Make all the fans from 2D to 10D without any professional volume training.These lashes will make you feel like a professional lash artist!
  • Create Volume fans with ease and WITHOUT those ugly fat bases! Our EASY FAN LASHES will leave your base nice and pointy with only the tiniest of bonder solutions, to ensure a seamless application. 
  • If you are not very experienced in Volume Lashing and don’t want to have the price tag of Pre-Made fans, then using Easy fan lashes will make your lashing life so much easier and much more affordable.A normal set with Pre-made lashes may use up to 100-150 fans.This can cost you 1-2 lash trays, depending on their size.Easy fan lashes have a double layer,  so you get more bang for your buck, as well as use a small amount per client per tray.