DIY lashes extension at home


Anforlin DIY segment lashes are made of premium natural black Korean PBT fiber, very soft and light weight, comfortale to wear, does not harm our skin and eyes. Naturally enlarge your eyes andmake your eyes look more charmingYou can DIY various eyelash stylesaccording to your own needs. Make your lashes thicker, if youwant a more volume or mage effect, try this one!
*【Material Upgrade】: The material used is softerthan before, making youreyes feel more comfortable.
*【Clusters Placement Upgrade】: Fixing the middle of the clusters makes it more convenient foryou to take out the clusters and ensure their integrity.


Natural styles & mega styles.
C & D curls, mixed lengths can be customized, kinds of package styles are available.

DIY Segment Lashes Applicator

 The applicator can be used for both strip Lashes and lashes extension lash.
* Made of safe material, grid pattern makes more friction and easy to handle.
* Multiple colors available.
* Logo can be added.
* Samples are available.