Anforlin Classic Eyelash

Anflorlin lashes stick amazingly well and will have an increase retention rate due to the high quality matte material. Light weight and very comfortable for your clients to wear. They are a deep rich super black MATTE color with no undertones. 
Made  with the highest quality PBT available.The eyelashes sterilized by high temperature, become aseptic,don’t harm your natural eyelashes.100% handmade, we use professional physical high temperature double heating, high resilience,not easy to loose curl.
The curvature meets industry standards, waterproof and not easy to deform.We use foil backing paper on the back of eyelashes extensions which can easily peel off from the basis tape without any excess. So you can put it on the workbench or anywhere you want with confidence.

Wholesale Classic Eyelash Extension

Classic lash extensions are one of the most well-known styles of lashing options. They are ideal to enhance a natural eye look without any makeup by putting one individual lash extension on one human natural lash, which is also called a one-one lashing. It’s perfect to create classic, wipsy, hybrid or even volume eye effects by prodesstional techniques.

Anforlin’s classic lash extensions are made with conssistent specifications, easy to pick up and separate, no clumps or any residues, super soft and lightweight. We welcome you to enjoy our quality lashes, professional private label and fast shipping services.

  • Our individual eyelash extensions have round hair and flat hair, free choice. Round hair: suitable for up, down, left, and right fit, round hair is harder, but the effect is closer to nature. Flat hair: suitable for up and down fit, large fit area, high softness, thick effect.
  • Our lash extensions use the best Korean PBT-Fiber so that they are super soft, matte dark black and no blue tint. Our eyelash extensions can hold its curl more than one year. Individual volume lash extensions are incredible for advanced lash artists at volume lashing, volume training school, and those intermediate artists and lash beginners who want to make or pick up a fan.
  • Our individual lash extensions and easy fan eyelash extensions are located on specially designed adhesive strips, so that the eyelash extensions can be easily peeled off and there will be no glue residue on the strips. All come with foil backing so you can place them anywhere without leaving any residue.
Classic Lash Extensions Effect