Ethically Sourcing Your Materials:
It’s Possible and It’s Our Promise

Ethical and sustainable business is not only a moral decision, but also an economical one. Many eyelashes companies make the choice to become more ethical as a selling point, especially if their clientele is particularly concerned about the source of the products they are purchasing. However, many of them are not that as they say. See how our guarantee goes.

Ethically Sourcing Your Materials
Ethically Sourced Materials

Why Ethically Sourced Materials Important?

Ethical materials means ensuring that good labour law standards are met whilst your products are being manufactured, and this includes when your materials are being created as well as when they are made into eyelashes.

The most obvious consequence of ethical materials is a clear conscience, but more than that you gain a unique selling point as well as a new target audience and a possible marketing advantage that your competitors may not have. Here you will have Anforlin, who combines ethically sourced materials and lean manufacturing, which makes lower prices, and better eyelashes quality.

The Green Beauty to
Level Up Your Products

100% Naturally Harvested Mink Fur

The mink fur is harvested from gentle brushing and the minks actually enjoy the experience. You can have our words.

Most lashes are made of collected fur from young minks that naturally shedded during hair replacement. We serious reject mink farm and killing! That’s our bottom line.

The mink fur we collected are limited and super soft and natural, which ensures your customers’ irreplaceable wearing experience.

Ethically Sourced Materials
Faux Mink Silk Materials

High Class Faux Mink Silk Materials

About faux mink silk materials, we have more to tell. We deeply understand your marketing requirements of vegan materials, then that’s why we’ve developed a new type of eyelashes materials—silk materials.

Inspired by the gentle nature of mink, Anforlin is a reminder that lashes should be soft and comfortable to wear. No irritation, no heavy feelings on eyes — just a smooth and unforgettable experience that makes your customers want to have beautiful eyes, every single day.

Korean Imported PBT Materials

PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), is a synthetic semi-crystalline engineered thermoplastic. A high-performance material, it has a high molecular weight and a reputation for being a strong, flexible and resistant plastic.

PBT creates natural looking lashes with a gorgeous soft and glossy sheen which doesn’t lose its curl. Not only this, but PBT causes the least chance of an allergic reaction on human skin compared with all other eyelash extension materials.

PBT Materials